Anti-shielding mechanics is definitely something we're discussing. We like Varian's, but want to be careful who gets them and how they're used.


We currently don't have any plans for a Raynor talent update.

We don't currently have plans for a TLV talent revamp.


(Targeting abilities by clicking on Party Frames) It is definitely on our radar to get to soon(tm). We're currently looking at allowing players to use target unit abilities on allies only (as we feel it's the most beneficial for Healers).


Alas, I can't say what Heroes are in development, but we do love us some Hearthstone!


However, it's not something we're sure needs to happen. We're still actively discussing the current "Time-to-Kills" (TTKs) in our game, and keeping an eye on the meta.

One thing we are trying to do with reworks with healers is to move more of their "power pie" (what things they are strong at) out of healing and into utility, to give them more ways to make plays and otherwise influence battles.


Hi! Sorry, I can't really discuss anything that's in development, but I can say that we still love designing and developing Heroes that break the mold!


We are definitely looking at ways to increase visibility into Armor, both permanent Armors and temporary Armor adjustments. We think we can do better, and are actively discussing how and when we can get it into the game!


ETC, well in general he was doing too many things. He could be drafted as a general warrior, he could split push/have a global with Stage Dive, he could set up strong Wombos with Mosh Pit, and he could pair well with Basic Attackers with his trait. For someone who we thought did well in a more generalist role, we needed to pare down all the things he brought. We felt the Attack Speed was the most vestigial component, as it was moderately hidden, and wasn't so strong as to be an obvious draft implication.


What I love about this subreddit is that I can always count on /u/RobotDoctorRobot to always inquire on the whereabouts of the Archlich of Naxxramas, esteemed Lich Lord of the Plaguelands, Commander of the Dread Necropolis, Master and Founder of the Cult of the Damned, formerly of the Council of the Six, Creator of the Abomination, Summoner of Archimonde the Defiler, Betrayer of Humanity, Hearthstone Enthusiast, and Majordomo to the Lich King Himself, Kel'Thuzad. (I will also say that he is still on the list of 300+ Heroes we'd love to get to one day)


We don't currently plan to adjust Greymane’s trait. He’s in a great spot balance-wise (smack dab in the middle), and I'm not sure we need to add more mechanics to the Hero. We did recently add to the trait, though, so he now gets Armor in Worgen form.


After the 2.0 update launches, we’ll continue to debut Heroes and their launch items in the featured section of your Collection and these will be available for purchase with Gems. Those items will also go into Loot Chests at the same time, so you’ll have the option to purchase the skins with Gems, forge them with Shards, or win them via a Loot Chest drop. These items will remain in the featured section until replaced by the next set of items, which is generally after a few weeks. At that point, the skins would no longer be available for Gem purchase, but will still be forgable with shards and able to be earned as drops from Loot Chests. It’s worth noting that Heroes are always available for purchase with Gems.


In addition, we’re planning to do weekly sales that bring a selection of older items back to the featured section where they’ll be available to purchase with Gems during that week.


Our team is extremely sensitive to anything that could impede gameplay and tying it to taunt was a way to solve a lot of potential problems in that regard. Taunts are self-limiting. If you’re spamming taunt, you’re probably going to get yourself killed. Taunts lock you in while doing them, so the Mastery Taunt VFX shouldn’t end up interfering with gameplay. We are looking at other ways to also show off hero mastery and, in particular, a way to do so during draft. The key there, though, is that it needs to be opt-in like master skins were. If it’s something that is always active, it is likely to increase toxicity towards players who are new to the hero (which everyone is at some point).


(releasing an official API) We don't have any details to talk about right now, but it's being worked on internally. We'll get info out once it's closer to launch.


Voice chat is something we're actively working on and a major priority for us. No details yet on when it will be completed.


We're currently working on improvements to the reconnect system. While I don’t have any specifics to share, we're aware that it is a major pain point and are committed to make it a smoother player experience.


Gifting is a great idea and we've heard many players ask for it. There are a few technical hurdles we have to tackle before implementing it, but it's a feature we're really interested in working on in the near future.


We'd love to support better skin/mount synergy for players who use auto-select, we'll discuss this idea.


Setting up a “global Announcer” is something we really want to get into the game. I don’t want to make that choice for 65 Heroes, so you shouldn’t have to either!


(Can you unlock the tabs under "Play" when on queue? Sometimes it can be very frustrating to not be able to change your mount during a ranked queue) We get into some really weird situations if we unlock those tabs. Like, really weird. But as far Loadouts go, we plan to get those into Collection allowing players to give their Loadouts the attention they deserve.



(When can we finally have other players see our 4, 'Most Played' heroes wearing the skins we like playing with most, when viewing our Profile?) We love to show commonly-used skins to other players in the profile, but this isn’t something we’re able to implement just yet.



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